Pack the essentials (and more) for your trip to Leavenworth

Pack the essentials (and more) for your trip to Leavenworth

One of the reasons we believe in vacation rentals is the extra space to make room for kids, or dogs, and the gear you need to have fun!  And, your packing list is critical!   At the Leavenworth Vineyard Townhouse, we’re no strangers to effectively rounding out the essentials for any vacation home stay.  So, what do we have and what do you pack?

What’s at the Townhouse? 

See our earlier blog on the kitchen basics.  Regarding household items, we have the things you need to be comfortable.  That includes towels, bed sheets, blankets, nite lights, a port-a-crib and a baby gate that we use as a dog gate and even beach towels.

What we Do NOT have:  We tried to keep beach chairs but, well, that was a bad idea.  Big people sat in them…or very small people jumped all over them.  So, if you’re planning to go to the beach, BYOchairs.  We have a very basic first aid kit, but remember the sunscreen.  If there are regular medications to bring, put those on top of the packing list.  It’s not easy getting replacement medications and no fun searching the aisles for sunburn ointment.

Remember what your fur babies need:  We LOVE dogs and while we have a baby-gate, that’s just about all we have at the townhouse.  So, remember to bring food, bowls, and dog beds and/or crates. And, also, remember this is a different climate with different requirements for your dog.  Yes, we’ve picked ticks off our dog, and yes, his tender paws have been singed on hot beach rocks in the summer as well as “bitten” while walking along the icey trails in winter.

There is SO much to do…

Consider your activities possibilities, per season:  Will you be skiing, snowshoeing, swimming, or floating the river?  The details associated with this gear is SO important.  How many times have you rented boots because you forgot to pack them with your skis?  Yeah, us too!  We created a little chart, below, to remind you of things-to-take, per season.  Set those aside, next to your dry goods box.  On the day you arrive with everything you need to play-and-cook, you’ll thank us.

Reserve ahead of time:  A little advance planning will go a LONG way…There are some activities that you need to pay-to-play, such as rafting the river, horseback riding, or attending outdoor theater.  Be sure to reserve your group, online or over the phone, BEFORE you leave home.  The Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce will help you get connected to all the outfitters in the area.  They are a very helpful resource to ensure you aren’t left waiting outside the gates with no tickets!

Activities, by season:

Let us know how we did in helping you prep for your trip.  Do you have any lessons-learned or surprise discoveries to share?  We would love to hear from you. 
In summary:
  Whew, all that effort just for a short getaway?  Well, we encourage you to extend your trip a day or two…you’ve sure earned it. Especially during peak seasons, such as during Oktoberfest and over the Christmas holidays, a little advance planning will ensure your trip is festive and fun for everyone.

Leave a comment or drop us a line at  We’ll pass it along in our next update to guests.  At the Leavenworth Vineyard Townhouse, our goal is to help ensure your stay is affordable and comfortable.  We believe in the restorative power of extending your weekends, now and then.


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