Food LOVE…prepping for your trip to Leavenworth

One of the reasons we believe in vacation rentals includes the amenities found only in a fully appointed home.  Especially if you like to indulge your cooking skills, or just save a HUGE amount of money by eating in, your packing list is critical to ensure you have fun!   At the Leavenworth Vineyard Townhouse, we’re no strangers to effectively rounding out the essentials for any vacation home stay.  So, how do we prep our kitchen packing list?

What’s at the Townhouse? 

We have the very basics and a bit more.  Here’s what that includes:

  • Basic spices. Of course, salt and pepper.  This means in the “savory” category, you’ll find most Italian spices and even an Italian spice blend. We also carry some steak seasonings and seasonings suitable for grilling chicken, pork, or fish.  In the “baking” or sweet category, it includes cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.
  • Sometimes: EVOO, flour, and sugar.  We often have folks use stuff up and not tell us.  Dan’s Market and the Safeway are about 1 to 1.5 miles away, so never fear.
  • Cookware and utensils: Since we’re a blended family, we had just about “double” of everything when we began co-habitating.  Woohoo for you!  From lasagna pans to big pots, if we don’t have it, you probably don’t use it in the kitchen. Yes, we have a crockpot.  Yes, we even have a turkey roaster.  And, gasp, we have a thing that pits cherries because cherries are sold by the TON in early summer.  That said, if we don’t have something that would be useful in the future, let us know.
  • Coffee/Tea: We have BOTH a Keurig and a drip coffee maker.  And, we have a kettle.  We also have a small amount of coffee and k-cups on hand.  We don’t typically stock tea, so BYOTea.

How-to remember what you need to bring

This was a trick learned over years of forgetting ingredients.  So, we’ll go step-by-step.

  1. Start with meal planning: We start with a grid that has the number of days and the meals within the day.  In this sample, we’re planning for a 4-night stay, but you can do the same for any number of nights you plan your trip.  We LOVE doing this because it gets everyone on the same page for when-we’re-eating-in and when-we’re-eating-out.  Remember, there are shops in town that cater to our snack-loving selves. Also, we often find something delicious to bring back to the Townhouse at the Cheesemonger’s Shop or at another delightful deli.

    Sample Meal planning (sample nearly-homemade recipes, below):

  2. Prep what you can, ahead-of-time: For example, do you want to make chocolate chip cookies instead of the “nearly homemade brownies” – GREAT!  Just mix up all the dry ingredients and stow into a plastic bag in your dry goods box (more on that, later).
  3. Get your grocery list in order: Review your menu. Compare your ingredients needed against our supplies list and start making your list of what to bring with you and what you may decide to purchase, in town.

    Grocery items packing list:

  4. Pack it up and/or stage it, ahead: Dry goods go in a cardboard box.  Goods that need cooled or frozen before you travel, set them aside, organized in your refrigerator.  When the time comes, all that you have to do is lift out of the ice box and into your cooler.  The key is to pack, logically, ahead of time.

    Nearly homemade recipes:

Whew, all that effort just for a short getaway? 

Well, we encourage you to extend your trip a day or two…you’ve sure earned it. At peak times, like the Oktoberfest and Christmas Tree Lighting celebrations, a little advance planning will ensure your trip is festive and fun for everyone.  We’ve learned meals-at-LVT instead of eating at a restaurant make everyone happier when it’s crazy-busy in town.

Do you have any lessons-learned or surprise discoveries to share?  Leave a comment or drop us a line at  We’ll pass it along in our next update to guests.  At the Leavenworth Vineyard Townhouse, our goal is to help ensure your stay is affordable and comfortable.  We believe in the restorative power of extending your weekends, now and then.

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